Future Educators Association

                                            FEAP Take Home Tips! 


  Classroom management depends on careful planning and creative teaching, in addition to a teacher using that degree in Common Sense!




THT #1: "Simple things, like a deck of cards, can be used in many different ways in your classroom." 

THT #2: "Even though you cannot see a disibility, be aware of individual students' needs."

THT #3: "A bulletin board is a direct reflection of you and your classroom! Be Creative!!"

THT#4: "Something as simple as an estimating jar can be a creative way to teach spatial reasoning and estimation."

THT#5: "Working together for a common cause is a good way to instill teamwork and values in children." 

THT #6: "A universal design for learning: Present an idea or concept in a variety of ways to cater to different styles of learning!" 

THT#7: "Being a teacher means going beyond the chalkboard and being prepared for unexpected situations based on individual student's needs."